Albanian Spongebob squarepants "valentines day" Deleted scene

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As you know "Albanian Spongebob Squarepants" Has specials for almost every albanian holiday. And one of them is the episode "Valentines day" ( S1 e16a) Premiering for Valentines Day 2000.However there is a deleted scene from this episode that is not known and never really talked about much. What the deleted scene features (As described by wikipedia) Is to have Albanian Spongebob and Sandy KISSING! There are many suspected reasons why this was deleted some of them are:

1.Something like that would have been to deep for a usually lighthearted show 2.It might be linked to something not appropiate for kids 3.It would be to complicated to dump that on this type of show 4.It is usually suspected to be because of the time limit so it is expected bye some people that that was the reason.

However in Truth or square (S6 e23) Albanian Spongebob talks about his WEDDING with sandy (Wich turns out to be fake but they still kiss) Could that have been what the original scene was supposed to be?

However to this day nothing has been found. Because 18 years later nobody has done a attempted search. So until Cufo coughs up some footage only fan art and low-budget recreations exist.