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ANGRY!!! // (Added 12 Dec 2019)


Oh boy i am mad. I am so fuming right now. You could even say I'm peeved. Patreon just deleted my page for the Albanian Spongebob Wiki on the grounds that Shoutwiki is hosting this site and it doesn't cost any money at all for me to run. That may be true, but do you even know how stressful it is to run a site where i do nothing but talk about albanian spongebob all day

Anyways this is no excuse to stop donating. From now on please send donations in the form of a check mailed to this address. Thank you


Help // (Added 24 Apr 2018)

Does anyone know how to make a wiki article this is not a joke i desperately need help


Interesting // (Added 13 Jun 2016)

ASBSP Albanian Intro Screenshot.png

I heard that they are airing a new Albanian dub of spoingebob today. This could be the start of something great.