SfungjerBob PantallonKatrori (Original SpongeBob Albanian Dub 2013)

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SfungjerBob PantallonKatrori (Original SpongeBob Albanian Dub)

ASBSP Albanian Intro Screenshot.png

Screenshot from BobSfungjeri PantallonaKatrori (found dub)'s intro.

Status: Partialy Found

SpongeBob SquarePants is an American television show created by Stephen Hillenburg. There exists an original Albanian dub that aired a few years before the partially found BobSfungjeri PantallonaKatrori dub, which airs on Cufo.

Barely any confirmed information is known about this dub. All that is known is that the title was SfungjerBob PantallonKatrori and it aired on Bang Bang around June 2013 (ending in July of the same year). Unconfirmed information about the dub is that seasons 1 & 2 were also aired on Top Channel before the dub aired on Bang Bang.

The 1st movie was sold on eBay on DVD early August 2016, to fellow members Bow Down097 and BMan78. Although, neither of them has received the DVD as of August 22, 2016.